Environmental Management

Kioxia Group has incorporated concern for environmental issues into our Standards of Conduct; we treat climate change and consideration for the environment as priority areas of focus in terms of ensuring the Group’s medium- to long-term growth, and we refer to these priority areas as “Sustainability Materiality.” We strive to enhance our corporate value and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by ensuring that the environmental impact of our business activities are taken into consideration. We have set the goal of achieving by FY2050 net-zero Scope1 greenhouse gas emissions (direct emissions from our business sites), and Scope2 emissions (indirect emissions resulting from our use of purchased energy) across our global operations.

In addition to complying with relevant laws and regulations, we also strive to develop products and services that consider environmental impacts. We take systematic and globally accredited steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate other environmental impact throughout our entire value chain.

Environmental Management Policy

Kioxia Group has formulated the Kioxia Group’s Environmental Policy, which is our basic philosophy concerning the environment, and we have communicated this across the entire Group.

Kioxia Group’s Environmental Management Structure

Kioxia Group manages its business while considering the environment and striving to protect it across all of our sites.

Kioxia Corporation has set up an Environmental Planning and Promotion Group within the Production Technology Promotion Division; this is responsible for planning and proposing strategies that help the company address social issues and protect the environment. The Group also compiles environment-related data from workplaces and manufacturing sites within Kioxia Group. Once every half year, at the Environmental Management Reviews (chaired by the officer responsible for the environment with attendees including Executive Officers), the level of achievement of our overall environmental initiatives is reviewed and confirmed. The Board of Directors discusses key issues flagged in reports from the Sustainability Committee or arising in Sustainability Strategy Meetings.

Kioxia Group’s Environmental Management Structure

Environmental Management System

Kioxia Group has established a global environmental management system to promote environment-related activities. Kioxia Corporation, which includes the company’s Head Office and Yokkaichi Plant, Kioxia Iwate Corporation, and Solid State Storage Technology Corporation have obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification.

For more information on our ISO 14001 certification and other environmental certifications, please click the below link.

Environmental Education and Awareness-Raising

In addition to training covering environmental legislation and regulations, Kioxia Group also provides all executives and employees, including temporary workers, with annual training on environmental issues. The training covers the latest environmental issues, including climate change.

Each site raises awareness of the environment among its employees in all aspects of their professional and daily lives through internal publications such as the “Energy-Saving Wall Newsletter” and the “ESG Sustainability Classroom.” They also seek suggestions from employees for ways of reducing plastic waste, and encourage them to participate in environmental activities aimed at achieving SDGs, to raise their environmental awareness.

Energy-Saving Wall Newsletter (published six times a year by Kioxia Corporation’s Yokkaichi Plant)