Company information

Company Outline of KIOXIA Holdings

Address 1-21 Shibaura 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Access)
President and CEO Naruke Yasuo
Capital 10 billion yen
Shareholders BCPE Pangea Cayman, L.P. (49.9%)
Toshiba Corporation (40.2%)
Hoya Corporation (9.9%)
Note: Based on ownership of voting rights
Business Group strategy formulation and management oversight
Employees Approx. 80
Consolidated  approx. 12,000



Representative Director Yasuo Naruke
Representative Director Nobuo Hayasaka
Director Stacy J. Smith
Director Yuji Sugimoto
Director David Gross-Loh
Director Masashi Suekane
Director Hiroshi Suzuki
Director Stephen Pagliuca

Statutory Auditors

Statutory Auditor Yurio Ogawa
Statutory Auditor  Shunsuke Nakahama
Statutory Auditor Isao Morita 

Executive Officers

President and Chief Executive Officer Yasuo Naruke
Executive Vice President and Executive Officer Nobuo Hayasaka
Executive Chairman Stacy J. Smith
Vice Chairman Lorenzo A. Flores
Managing Executive Officer (Chief Financial Officer ) Hideki Hanazawa
Executive Officer (Chief Strategy Officer) Shinichi Hashimoto
Executive Officer (Chief Information and Security Officer) Akio Oka
Executive Officer (General Manager, Legal Affairs Division) Takahiro Asakura
Executive Officer (General Manager, Human Resources and Administration Division) Kyota Okishiro

Financial Result

Sales 1,263.9 billion yen
Operating Income 116.3 billion yen
Net Income 60.5 billion yen
  • The figures include the unaudited consolidated financial reports of Former TMC from April to May 2018 as a wholly- owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, before the acquisition by K.K. Pangea and the unaudited consolidated financial reports of TMCHD from April 2018 to March 2019. 
  • The figures are presented on a simple, combined basis and adjustments that are necessary to enable a strict comparison against the previous year’s figures have not been made.

Group company

Group Structure

グループ組織構成図KIOXIA CorporationKIOXIA America, IncKIXOIA Europe GmbHKIXOIA Asia, LimitedKIXOIA Singapore Pte.LtdKIOXIA Taiwan CorporationKIOXIA Korea CorporationToshiba Electronics (Chiana) Co.,Ltd


1987 Invention of world's first NAND flash memory
1991 World’s first mass production of NAND flash memory
1992 Yokkaichi Plant established
2007 World’s first 3D flash memory technology announced
2014 World’s first 15nm 128Gbit NAND flash memory
2016 Mass production of 48-layer BiCS FLASH™
2017 Toshiba Memory Corporation established
Mass production of 64-layer BiCS FLASH™
2018 Mass production of 96-layer BiCS FLASH™
Oct 1, 2019 Changed company name to Kioxia Holdings Corporation