In order to fulfill our responsibility to respect the human rights of all stakeholders involved in our business activities, including those in our supply chain, Kioxia group has established respect for human rights as Sustainability Materiality.

We encourage all of our employees to make use of their individual capabilities in order to develop and maximize the potential of our diverse human resources.

We promote diversity to enable our employees with a diverse range of personalities to each fully maximize of the capabilities and strengths of individual employees.

We believe that it is important for every employee to strengthen their physical and mental health in order to be able to flourish and shine professionally. We strive to create a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees and others involved in our business.

Our Group is committed to conduct business with due consideration of supply chain issues, such as the human rights of workers, occupational health and safety, and the environment, with the aim of reducing business risks and achieving sustainable procurement.

We consider that one of our most important mission is to provide our customers with safe and reliable products; accordingly we are always striving to manage and improve product quality. 

We see it as our responsibility as a good corporate citizen to not just leverage our business activities to address social issues, but to coexist in harmony with local communities. We address community issues by leveraging our technology, products, services and expertise as well as the abilities of our employees; we engage in dialogue with local communities, governments and other public bodies, NPOs/NGOs, and academic organizations.