Sustainability Reporting Policy

We report on sustainability issues that are a priority for KIOXIA Group* and our stakeholders.

In updating the Sustainability website of KIOXIA Holdings, we have taken into consideration and incorporated issues that are material for both the Group and our stakeholders.


In FY2020 these were the following:

  1. Top-level commitment from the executive officer in charge of sustainability to engage in sustainability activities on behalf of KIOXIA Group.
  2. Reporting on sustainability material issues that have been identified
  3. Group performance in the area of sustainability



  • KIOXIA Group is a corporate group consisting of KIOXIA Holdings Corporation and its subsidiaries, including KIOXIA Corporation.

Organizations covered in this report

In principle, KIOXIA Group is covered in this report, but individual entities are referenced in cases where the information provided does not apply to the whole KIOXIA Group.

Note: “KIOXIA” in this report refers to KIOXIA Holdings Corporation and KIOXIA Corporation. “KIOXIA Group in Japan” refers to KIOXIA Holdings Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries in Japan. “KIOXIA Group overseas” refers to consolidated subsidiaries overseas.

Reporting period

This report focuses on the results of activities in FY2020 (April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021).

It also includes some details of activities initiated prior to FY2020 as well as more recent ones.


Current issue: November 2021 (next issue scheduled for October 2022; previous issue: September 2020)

Reference Guidelines

  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
    This report contains standard disclosures from the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standard.
  • SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)
  • United Nations Global Compact [COP (Communication of Progress) Advanced level]
  • ISO 26000