Products & Technology

Invented the world’s first flash memory

In 1987, the world's first NAND flash memory was developed.
Since then, we have improved our miniaturization technology to achieve more compact integration. Then, in 2007, we pioneered the development of a three-dimensional stacked structure. Chip-stacking technology has enabled us to increase the capacity of flash memory, and has supported the evolution of electronic devices and the development of the information society on a global scale.

“Memory” creates our future

Memory is an integral part of modern cultural daily life. As the amount of information generated and stored by humankind continues to increase, KIOXIA's research and technology development supports the information society of the future on a global basis. Application fields include automotive, entertainment, medical / healthcare, and industry.

The Kioxia Group’s Value Creation through its Business

Introducing examples that show how the Kioxia Group’s products and technology has contributed to society.

Building a Creative World through Memory Technology
September 14, 2023

Space electronics x Cryogenic x Flash memory

Three approaches to “memory” technology leading into the “new era of memory”

We conduct research and development to increase the capacity and performance of 3D flash memory and new memory.

SSD / Memory Cards
We conduct research and development of higher-performance SSD and memory card products, and security technology.

We conduct research and development of cutting edge storage systems and AI technologies applicable in factory production systems.

Collaborations Across Boundaries and Joint Developments

We are actively engaged in open innovation with a broad range of companies. In order to achieve rapid product development, we also engage in joint development with universities and equipment & material manufacturers. Furthermore, inquisitive and enthusiastic engineers with a variety of expertise are working on research and development to realize the next "memory" technology.

The World’s Largest Class Flash Memory Factory

KIOXIA produces approximately one third* of the flash memory used throughout the world at Yokkaichi Plant (Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture) and Kitakami Plant (Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture) operated by Kioxia Iwate Corporation. Located on a 694,000㎡ site, Yokkaichi Plant comprises six manufacturing plants that work closely with the technology development division to produce the world's most advanced flash memory products. Kitakami Plant began operating in 2020 to meet the growing demand for flash memory.

  • including joint capital investment with Western Digital Corporation, based on our own research

KIOXIA’s Products

Business Products

Introducing "KIOXIA's solution" of Flash memory technology products, which has become a global standard storage component in the rapidly expanding market. It has also been adopted in various memory devices and digital application devices such as smartphones.

  • UFS & e-MMC (Consumer & Industrial / Automotive)
  • SLD NAND flash Memory
  • XL-FLASH™ (Storage Class Memory (SCM))

Introducing our product lineup designed for a wide range of applications, from PCs and entry-level servers to high-end servers and storage systems that require high performance and reliability.

  • Enterprise SSDs
  • Data Center SSDs
  • Client SSDs

Personal Products

KIOXIA provides various consumer products for personal use. Link is Japanese language pages.

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