Sustainability Management

The KIOXIA Group promotes sustainability management aiming to “enrich people’s lives through products and services and to broaden society’s possibilities” based on our corporate mission of “Uplifting the world with memory.” Through communication and collaboration with a range of stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees and their families, we aspire to gain an understanding of issues that affect them and build relationships with them founded on trust.

Organization of Sustainability Management

In order to ensure that sustainability management is integrated with our day-to-day corporate management, the KIOXIA Group has established a team responsible for CSR and sustainability within the Corporate Planning Division of the KIOXIA Holdings Corporation.


To strengthen and further advance our sustainability management, in May 2021 we created two new conferencing bodies. The Sustainability Committee, with the Executive Officer in charge of sustainability as chair, comprises the heads of each of the business and corporate divisions, who come together to discuss sustainability issues. The Sustainability Strategy Meeting, chaired by the President and CEO, is where executive officers deliberate and decide on the same issues.


In the first half of FY2021, the KIOXIA Group took proactive steps to grow over the medium- to long-term and to continue to provide value to society, conducting discussions of important issues as part of our management strategy and target setting. To further advance our efforts toward dealing with climate change and promoting supply chain CSR, as well as to clarify our stance on these issues, we decided to endorse the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) and to join the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance).


We have set up task forces under these conferencing bodies to engage in important sustainability issues, to report on progress and to confirm our direction. To reflect society’s evolving concerns, we have formulated a human rights policy, revised our procurement policies, disclosed climate change-related information in accordance with the TCFD, and re-stated our determination to contribute to the environment by means of our products, as priority issues in the first half of FY2021.

Management Structure of the KIOXIA Group’s Sustainability

Management Structure of the KIOXIA Group’s Sustainability
Management Structure of the KIOXIA Group’s Sustainability