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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Accounting Metric (1) Gross global Scope1 emissions and (2) amount of total emissions from perfluorinated compounds
Code TC-SC-110a.1
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure (1) Scope1 (Direct emissions) :651,900tCO2-e
(2) 576,400tCO2-e
Location CO2 emissions from business operations (FY2020)
Accounting Metric Discussion of long-term and short-term strategy or plan to manage Scope1 emissions, emissions reduction targets, and an analysis of performance against those targets
Code TC-SC-110a.2
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure KIOXIA Group's manufacturing sites implement energy-saving measures aimed at reducing energy consumption and aim every year to reduce by 1% the previous year's total energy consumption (SCOPE2), based on Japan’s Energy Saving Act.
In FY2020 we achieved our goal of reducing energy use by the equivalent of at least 17,686 tons of CO2 emissions, recording an actual reduction of 19,691 tons of CO2 emissions. Last 10 years, the result of our energy conservation programs was approximately 180,000 tons of CO2 emissions as a cumulative reduction.
In FY2020, we set goals regarding the use of renewable energies, aiming to use 100% renewable energy by FY2040.
To help achieve this target, we source intelligence through such means as participating in industry groups and making proposals to the government.
In addition, as the initial step toward attaining this goal, we plan to promote the introduction of electricity derived from renewable energy sources in our development and test centers, and progress the installation of renewable energy facilities at our manufacturing sites.
Location Climate Change-related Targets and Results

Energy Management in Manufacturing

Accounting Metric (1) Total energy consumed, (2) percentage grid electricity, (3) percentage renewable
Code TC-SC-130a.1
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure Energy Consumption
(1) 4,226,794MWh (2) 96.7% (3) 0.003%
Location CO2 emissions from business operations (FY2020)

Water Management

Accounting Metric (1) Total water withdrawn, (2) total water consumed, percentage of each in regions with High or Extremely High Baseline Water Stress
Code TC-SC-140a.1
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure (1) 22,764 thousand m3 (Industrial water)
(2) 5,523 m3
KIOXIA has commissioned outside experts to evaluate water-related risks from the perspective of water supply and demand risks.
The outcome of the assessment of our manufacturing operations was confirmation that these are not exposed to any water risk likely to have any practical financial or strategic impact prior to the year 2040.
This assessment was based on investigations into such matters as the water supply and demand risk (based on the status of seasonal changes, drought frequency, water storage capacity and water source protection), water disaster risk (such as flooding or landslide sediment damage) and regional vulnerability to water pollution that might endanger public health or ecosystems.
Location Current Status of Environmental Impact

Waste Management

Accounting Metric Amount of hazardous waste from manufacturing, percentage recycled
Code TC-SC-150a.1
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure Result of hazardous wastes amount
(1) Wastes generated amount: 10,750tons
(2) Recycled rate: 88%
The above hazardous wastes are aggregated as “specially-controlled industrial wastes” under the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act in Japan.
Location Current Status of Environmental Impact

Employee Health & Safety

Accounting Metric Description of efforts to assess, monitor, and reduce exposure of employees to human health hazards
Code TC-SC-320a.1
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure KIOXIA Group acquired occupational health and safety management systems certification (ISO 45001:2018) in 2021. 
Location Occupational Health and Safety
Accounting Metric Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with employee health and safety violations
Code TC-SC-320a.2
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure None.
Location -

Recruiting & Managing a Global & Skilled Workforce

Accounting Metric Percentage of employees that are (1) foreign nationals and (2) located offshore
Code TC-SC-330a.1
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure KIOXIA Group does not disclose the percentage of foreign nationals.
We fosters a culture that enables a diverse range of employees to play active roles irrespective of race, religion, gender, nationality, disability, age or sexual orientation. KIOXIA Group seeks to advance diversity as an effort of the entire group.
To implement this, we have assigned the Executive Officer in charge of personnel as the promotion personnel and KIOXIA Holdings' Human Resources & Administration Division as the promotion organization.
Location Diversity Promotion Policy and Management Structure
Accounting Metric Percentage of employee engagement
Code TC-SI-330a.2
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure KIOXIA Group regularly conducts surveys aimed at soliciting the opinions of employees.
Each department is given feedback on the results, which are also closely examined by Executive Officers, including the President and the head of every department, and used as a basis for the discussion of measures to enhance engagement.
In FY2020, we conducted an anonymous survey targeting about 11,500 employees, and received responses from approximately 94% of them.
Location Employee Engagement Survey

Product Lifecycle Management

Accounting Metric Percentage of products by revenue that contain IEC 62474 declarable substances
Code TC-SC-410a.1
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure KIOXIA Group does not disclose the percentage defined by this metric.
Location None.
Accounting Metric Processor energy efficiency at a system-level for: (1) servers, (2) desktops, and (3) laptops
Code TC-SC-410a.2
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure Not applicable.
Location -

Materials Sourcing

Accounting Metric Description of the management of risks associated with the use of critical materials
Code TC-SC-440a.1
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure KIOXIA Group has been advancing the procurement of minerals based on the KIOXIA Group Responsible Minerals Procurement Policy.
This stipulates that KIOXIA will not use as raw materials tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold or cobalt obtained from the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring areas, or from other conflict- or high-risk areas where inhumane acts such as human trafficking, slavery, forced labor, child labor, abuse, or war crimes are suspected.
Location KIOXIA Group Responsible Minerals Sourcing Policy

Intellectual Property Protection & Competitive Behavior

Accounting Metric Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with anticompetitive behavior regulations
Code TC-SC-520a.1
KIOXIA Metric/Qualitative Disclosure None.
Location -