Talent Development

Kioxia Group encourages all of our employees to make use of their individual capabilities; we have accordingly established fair evaluation processes, seeking to develop and maximize the potential of our diverse human resources.

Talent Development Policy

People are the source of Kioxia Group's competitiveness. We believe that if each individual employee continuously challenges themselves and creates new value, it will help us realize our mission of "uplifting the world with memory." Accordingly we will continue to strengthen our educational offerings and adopt a systematic approach that allows each and every employee to take on new challenges.

Talent Development Structure

In FY2022, Kioxia Corporation established a Human Resources Development Group in the Human Resources & General Affairs Department tasked with developing and utilizing human resources more effectively. Kioxia Corporation also has a Training and Development Committee, chaired by the president, which proposes initiatives for the improvement of in-house personnel training and development based on program results. This committee deliberates policies for the following fiscal year on the basis of its business plan. The outcome of discussions by the Training and Development Committee are reflected in new training and development measures.

Enhancing Our Management of Human Resources

The Kioxia Group is working to create a workplace that enables each and every one of its employees to demonstrate their capabilities.

As part of our human resource strategy, since April 2022 Kioxia Group in Japan has been reforming our personnel policies based on four perspectives: clarifying our definition of “active employees” and what we expect from them, eliminating obstacles that hinder employees from taking on new challenges, installing a transparent salary and reward system, and supporting employees who take on new challenges. The overall aim is to create a workplace where all employees can do this on an ongoing basis. Specifically, we have reviewed our evaluation processes, introduced flexible working practices such as telecommuting, and abolished the system whereby employees were retired from managerial positions after reaching a certain age.

The Kioxia Group will continue to create a workplace environment where each individual can challenge themselves and grow, aiming to achieve innovation, the creation of new value, and sustainable business growth.

Training for Talent Development

Training Programs

Kioxia Group runs a variety of training programs aimed at establishing a common learning base for all employees; these include programs based on the requirements of specific career levels. Furthermore, we provide tools to support self-development, encouraging employees to voluntarily acquire fresh knowledge and skills.

Main Training Programs at Kioxia Group in Japan

Training Category


Basic Training and Development1

A program designed to familiarize employees with the Kioxia Group Standards of Conduct and values that form a shared basis for all members of the Kioxia Group, covering such areas as compliance and sustainability. The Kioxia Group Standards of Conduct are available in Japanese, English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Korean.

Global Training and Development

A program that seeks to develop globally minded people who can not only perform their jobs within the scope of their own countries or regions, but also at a global level, by accepting cross-cultural differences and communicating with a wide range of stakeholders.

Training and Development Based on Levels of Responsibility

A program that seeks to improve the basic knowledge, skills and management capabilities of employees promoted to new positions (leaders, managers, etc.). This program also includes training aimed at continuously improving the leadership capabilities of managers, as well as education aimed at imparting at an early stage the knowledge and skills required to conduct business on a global basis.

Job-Specific Training and Development

This aims to equip employees with the knowledge and skills they require based on their job function and career status.

Managerial Training

A program for the select group of individuals who are candidates for managerial or leadership positions.

Self-Development Support

We offer about 190 e-learning courses to encourage employees to voluntarily acquire knowledge and skills; these include managerial skills (organization, strategy, marketing, goal management and personnel evaluation, sustainability and compliance, labor affairs, mental health, customer satisfaction, and sales, careers, business skills and cultural skills), computer skills, and languages.

  • 1 Basic Training and Development: as one aspect of basic training and development at Kioxia Group, various compliance training sessions were conducted to promote understanding of the Kioxia Group Standards of Conduct. There was a 100% attendance rate among employees of Kioxia Group in Japan throughout FY2022.

Common Training Courses (FY2022, Kioxia Group in Japan)

Selective / Mandatory


No. of programs



Total no. of attendees



Total attendance time (hours)



Standardized Training at Kioxia Corporation

Standardized Training at Kioxia Corporation Standardized Training at Kioxia Corporation

2 Includes self-development outside working hours, such as language study

Technical Training

Kioxia Group proactively fosters and trains its engineers. All new employees of Kioxia Group in Japan are provided with basic training programs covering electrical engineering, electronics, semiconductors, information processing and storage systems fundamentals, as well as manufacturing, statistics, AI, and machine learning; these are seen as essential steps to achieve self-growth and to enhance employees’ technical background.

On-the-job training and a variety of education programs within each division are provided under a mentor in each workplace, with detailed instructions provided to each individual in accordance with their career status. Each workplace additionally provides a variety of technical core training for engineers responsible for development, allowing them to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of cutting-edge technologies as they learn about their work. We also provide a work environment that encourages employees to think for themselves about what they need to learn and to then undertake appropriate training, while making the most of interaction with mentors.

Nurturing Technologies and Expertise

In 2019 Kioxia Corporation newly established the job title of “Fellow” (subsequently amended in 2022 to “Senior Fellow”) in order to nurture the company’s specialist knowledge and expertise in the field of advanced technologies. Senior Fellows are active in a wide variety of fields: device process basic research, computer systems, simulations, and cutting-edge memory development. They are all committed to the development of semiconductor technologies and nurturing expertise among the next generation through activities at forums such as academic societies and industry groups.

Career Development Systems

Kioxia Group supports the career development of each employee aiming to develop and utilize their abilities. The Career Design System at Kioxia Corporation, for example, provides each employee with an annual opportunity to discuss and share their views on their own long-term career development as well as on mid-term skill acquisition goals, how their skills can be improved, and how they can showcase them to their superiors. The Performance Management System at Kioxia Corporation gives each employee a semi-annual opportunity to review and discuss with their superiors their job performance over the previous six months as well as their job objectives for the following six months.

Assignment to Overseas Universities and Research Institutes

Kioxia Corporation has established overseas study programs to encourage employees to take on challenges in a new environment. The company provides them with various opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills at overseas universities, graduate schools and research institutes. Two examples are Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California San Diego.

Employee Engagement Survey

Kioxia Group regularly conducts employee engagement surveys as a starting point from which to enhance employee engagement and revitalize the organization. The surveys are used to determine the level of employee engagement, identify any problem areas, and formulate and implement measures to resolve these.

In FY2022, we conducted an anonymous survey targeting about 14,000 employees in worldwide and received responses from 89% of them.

Kioxia Corporation shares the results of these surveys3 with the President and CEO, Executive Officers, and all department heads, and refers to them when devising employee engagement initiatives. In FY2022, we worked on improving issues that were raised by employees in previous year’s survey. Specific measures included sending out easy-to-understand messages from senior management regarding the company's direction, increasing opportunities for the exchange of opinions through dialogue between senior management and employees, sharing survey results, and having discussions at internal meetings to determine appropriate improvement measures. Through these efforts, we are striving to improve the workplace environment and foster a rewarding and open work culture.

3 Includes employees currently stationed at Kioxia Holdings Corporation

Employee Engagement Survey Cycle

Employee Engagement Survey Cycle Employee Engagement Survey Cycle

People from various backgrounds fulfill their potential and leverage their strengths at Kioxia Group.