Supporting Local Community Development

Basic Philosophy

KIOXIA Group regards coexistence with local communities as our responsibility as a “good corporate citizen.” Aiming to contribute to a better society through “memory” technology, while engaging in dialogue with local communities, governments and public bodies, NPOs/NGOs, and academic organizations, we leverage our technologies, products, services, the expertise of our employees, and other means to address community issues. We focus in particular on energizing the local communities in which we conduct business, and fostering human resources in the science and engineering fields.

Implementation Structure

At KIOXIA Group, the Human Resources and Administration Division oversees community engagement activities for our business units. We partner with local communities and conduct community engagement activities wherever we operate. We also promote employee participation in social activities.

Promotion of Local Recruitment and Businesses

KIOXIA Group engages in activities deeply rooted in local communities in order to help vitalize them, including recruiting locally and conducting business with local companies.

Leave System to Enable Volunteer Activities

KIOXIA has introduced a long-term leave system to help employees take part in community engagement activities. They can use accumulated leave (maximum of 20 days) for such purposes.

Main Activities (FY2019-FY2020)

Fostering Scientists and Engineers of the Future

KIOXIA Group sponsors opportunities for young people who will lead the future to develop an interest in science, technology, and manufacturing, as we believe in supporting those aspiring to become outstanding Scientists and Engineers. In FY2019, our community science lectures and workshops were attended by some 2,000 people, mainly students from elementary school through to university.

Yokkaichi Science Seminar for Children

KIOXIA took part in the Yokkaichi Science Seminar for Children held at the Yokkaichi City Cultural Center in August 2019.

In the seminar entitled “First-Hand Science—Yokkaichi, a City of Monozukuri (the art, science and craft of making things),” we offered a presentation called “What is Memory?” for roughly 120 visitors. As well as introducing the Yokkaichi Plant and semiconductor memories, we held a quiz about human memory. The excitement mounted as children enthusiastically answered the quiz questions. Among the attractions, the trying on of a cleanroom suit was especially popular. Children enjoyed this one-of-a-kind experience.

Please click the link for more information about community engagement activities in the Yokkaichi Plant area.

A scene from the Yokkaichi Science Seminar for Children.

Participation and Career Counseling in the Summer School for Girls in Junior and Senior High Schools

As part of our efforts to promote women’s active participation in the workplace, KIOXIA has taken part since 2018 in the Summer School for Girls in Junior and Senior High Schools (Natsugaku)*1, one of Japan’s largest events promoting science and engineering careers. Under the concept of “The World is Filled with Memory,” we gave a presentation about how flash memory is used in many ways in our daily lives. Participants rated the session highly, with comments including: “Memory is amazing! Fun!” and “I want to learn more about how flash memory works.”
We also set up a booth where junior and senior high school students could discuss careers with female engineers, a rare chance for them. Having listened to the concerns of many of the girls about choosing a career in science, our female engineers gave them advice based on actual experience. We will continue to give students the chance to experience the joy of science, engineering, and manufacturing, supporting the development of future scientists and engineers.

  • *1 Summer School for Girls in Junior and Senior High Schools (Natsugaku) is an event that motivates girls to pursue science and engineering careers. It has been supported by the Natsugaku executive committee (2018), the National Women’s Education Center (from 2018), and the NPO STEM Career Path Project for Girls (2019).
An engineer counsels a high school student about career development

Donations through Charity Runs: KIOXIA Europe

KIOXIA Europe was privileged to set up two private charity runs, where employees ran in an event combining community engagement activities and health promotion. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we encouraged exercise in the fresh air. Thirty-five employees took part, running a total distance of 5,776 km from their homes.
KIOXIA Europe made donations based on the distance completed to two local NGOs: Aktion Lichtblicke e.V., which supports vulnerable children and teenagers, and Kinderhospiz Regenbogenland, which runs a hospice for young people with limited life expectancy due to serious illness or disability.

Marty Broere, Senior Manager Strategy & Innovation, before handing over the check of the donation.

Donations for International Women’s Day: KIOXIA America

KIOXIA America held various events for International Women’s Day (IWD) under the initiative of LeadHERs, an affinity group in the organization, with the goal of uplifting women. In March 2021, LeadHERs established the KIOXIA America IWD Fund through Bright Funds, which donated funds to six organizations focusing on accelerating women’s progress in both education and the workforce.
LeadHERs also coordinated a company-wide clothing drive in Irvine and San Jose in California, and in Atlanta, Georgia, and many employees supported this event. The clothing donations were distributed to several organizations in the local community that help women find careers and become economically independent.

KIOXIA America’s LeadHERs clothing drive.

Charity events in SSSTC 1st Anniversary: Solid State Storage Technology Corporation (Taiwan)

Solid State Storage Technology Corporation (SSSTC) held a very successful charity fair in the 2020 Christmas season. SSSTC joined hands with six NPOs supporting the local community, including Children Are Us Foundation and Shelter Factory.
Charlie Tseng (SSSTC Chairman & CEO) and some 900 employees took part in this activity by donating books and buying food and crafts made at social welfare facilities. All the donations were distributed to the NPOs to support socially vulnerable groups such as children and the disabled.

SSSTC 1st Anniversary & Christmas Charity Fair

Academic Collaboration

KIOXIA Group proactively promotes personnel exchanges through open innovation such as joint efforts between industry and academia, with the aim of contributing to the academic development of science and engineering, as well as fostering young scientists.
There are three frameworks in Japan: Encouraging Research, to support a wide range of research themes; Joint Research, to gain a deep understanding of technology while solving business issues; and Comprehensive Collaboration, covering human resource development and research (together with Waseda University and the University of Electro-Communications).
We are also forging links with multiple universities overseas.

KIOXIA Research Grants

Since FY2018, KIOXIA has run KIOXIA Research Grants, a public grant and incentive program aimed at furthering academic development in the science and engineering fields. In FY2019, we collaborated with 17 universities in Japan in a number of areas, including information systems, the environment, and medical care, as well as semiconductors. In FY2020 we selected 21 research themes, including the field of social systems, and awarded grants for outstanding research in three areas that produced particularly excellent results.

Joint Research

In joint research that KIOXIA conducted with the Synthetic Neurobiology Group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a case study of the use of SSD (a high-speed, high-capacity storage device) attracted particular attention.

Comprehensive Collaboration

Collaborative Activities Agreement with Waseda University

KIOXIA concluded a collaborative activities agreement in 2018 with Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering to promote cutting-edge R&D in the memory technologies needed to support an advanced information society, as well as to foster young scientists. We have created joint research themes that can lead to innovative core technologies through feasibility studies and research, and we provide budding scientists with research grants and incentives.

Signing ceremony for the collaborative activities agreement.
Dr. Atsushi Ishiyama, Senior Executive Vice President for Research at Waseda University (left), and Dr. Nobuo Hayasaka, Chief Technology Officer of KIOXIA Corporation (titles as of time of ceremony).
Collaborative Agreement with The University of Electro-Communications

Aiming to accelerate open innovation in fields including AI, KIOXIA concluded a collaborative agreement with the University of Electro-Communications in 2019. The collaboration extends across a variety of fields including “image processing, production control, and behavioral analysis technologies,” “next-generation information and communication technologies,” and “nanotechnology,” and is aimed at promoting R&D on AI-based production technology and semiconductor memory, as well as to fostering young scientists through personnel exchanges.

Signing ceremony for the collaborative agreement.
Dr. Nobuo Hayasaka, Executive Vice President of KIOXIA Corporation (left), and Dr. Takashi Fukuda, President of The University of Electro-Communications (titles as of time of ceremony).

Creating Opportunities for Academic Interaction

In FY2020 KIOXIA took part in ‘the d.lab’ Systems Design Lab at the University of Tokyo and the Advanced Programming Consortium (AIC) at the Keio University Global Research Institute.
The d.lab was established to connect system design ideas in fields such as IoT, AI, 5G, autonomous driving and control, and healthcare with advanced semiconductor technologies, materials, and manufacturing equipment. We are co-sponsors of this goal.
At the AIC we held a series of workshops based on our mission of “Uplifting the World with Memory,” and on the final day of the event we co-hosted an ‘Ideathon’.*2 In this project, we focused on how AI can enrich our lives and how we can reflect our ideas in society. Participating students proposed an exchange application to be used with VR on a virtual campus or a virtual library, etc. The judges asked, “How do you create an exciting mechanism?” and “What if you added time and weather condition functions?”
We provided a place for experience and interaction to solve problems and create new value through AI amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and idea design.

  • *2 Ideathon: Event where groups compete to come up with ideas based on a theme and then produce results.