Major Sustainability Issues and Initiatives in the Value Chain

As the structure, value chain and related stakeholders vary between business segments, KIOXIA Group performs mapping and analyzes CSR challenges and risks for each segment, doing our utmost to avoid and mitigate risks.

Major Sustainability Issues and Initiatives in the Value ChainAction on Conflict Minerals IssuesMonitoring SuppliersPromoting the Career Development of Female EmployeesPromoting the Career Development of Female EmployeesReducing Environmental Burden in Yokkaichi Plant

Respect for Human Rights -
Action on Conflict Minerals Issues

Among the raw materials required to manufacture memory products, four minerals in particular* that are mined in conflict areas have become a serious issue, in that they help the conflicts as well as encourage inhumane activities such as forced labor.
So as not to aid such inhumane activity through our procurement transactions, we annually survey our suppliers to investigate for any use of conflict minerals, and to gather and list smelter’s details, based on our Conflict Mineral Policy.

* The four materials are Tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold


CSR Reporting - Respect for Human Rights

Diversity Promotion -
Promoting the Career Development of Female Employees

The maximization of the different capabilities and strengths of diverse employees is critical for active innovation and corporate growth. Promoting the career development of female employees in particular is an important issue for companies, as this is not only in line with Japanese government policy, but is also one of the ESG indexes selected by the Government Pension Investment Fund. At KIOXIA, we are developing a framework and implementing a mechanisms and systems that further promote the career development of female employees.


CSR Reporting - Diversity Promotion

CSR Management in the Supply Chain -
Monitoring Suppliers

As global procurement proliferates and accelerates, there is an increase in the potential for CSR risks that could damage our business and our reputation. In order to reduce the incidence of such risks, and in order to promote CSR in areas such as human rights, labor practices and the environment, we monitor the situation across our suppliers based on global standards such as the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct.


Environmental Management -
Reducing Environmental Burden in Yokkaichi Plant

KIOXIA Yokkaichi Plant is working to reduce various environmental burdens. At our 5th Fabrication Plant, which was completed in FY2018, we have achieved high efficiency production processes by taking a deeper energy-saving measures we implemented in the past, by expanding the passages that connect multiple manufacturing buildings, and by introducing AI and IoT into production management. In FY2018, Yokkaichi Plant reduced CO2 emissions per unit of production on a GB (gigabyte; memory capacity) basis by more than 10% compared to the previous year.


6th Fabrication Plant at Yokkaichi Plant.

6th Fabrication Plant at Yokkaichi Plant.