Messages from the Management

Using “Memory” to Create New Value and Change the World

Aligned with our mission to “uplift the world with ‘memory,’” as a leading semiconductor company we will work with our customers and partners to deliver value to people worldwide.

To us, “memory” means much more than recorded data. It represents the comprehensive collection of emotions, experiences and ideas beyond digital information gathering. Together, we will unleash the full potential of “memory” to create new value for society.

The amount of data generated, stored and utilized will increase exponentially as digital society and technological innovation advances, leading to a new era of memory. In this new era, we are both driven and well positioned to succeed over the long term by continuously enhancing our technology and production capabilities and strengthening our customer partnerships to uplift memories for all members of digital society.

Together, we have an exciting journey ahead.

Nobuo Hayasaka
President and CEO
KIOXIA Holdings Corporation

Kioxia’s leading memory technology enables a new era of memory

We have always been at the forefront of the memory industry and as such, we have accomplished many firsts. As the inventor of NAND flash memory and a world leader in the memory field, our customers place an incredible amount of trust in us.

They see us as consistent drivers of innovation, which we are able to do because of our ability to respond to ever-evolving business environments and market needs, our talented workforce and our state-of-the-art flash memory facilities.

Looking ahead, the future will bring many new challenges. Global society is becoming ever more complex, connected and borderless in the face of technological innovation. There is a tremendous amount of data being generated, analyzed and stored. Capitalizing on our central position in this dynamic environment, we must build on our history as we start our journey as a newly independent company that can meet the memory demands of the future. That journey will lead us to becoming a stand-alone, publicly traded company in the near future.

To celebrate our new beginning, I am delighted that our company is rebranding to mark both our evolution as an independent company as well as the dawn of a new era of memory. As of October 2019, we are Kioxia, a combination of the Japanese word kioku (memory) and the Greek word axia (value).

I look forward to collaborating with you as Kioxia—together we will enable new technologies to uplift the world with memory.

Stacy J. Smith
Executive Chairman
Kioxia Holdings Corporation