Social Media Policy

We regard social media as an important channel for communicating with our customers and social media users. KIOXIA Group defines attitude, conduct, and basic policy in running our official social media accounts as follows:

Social Media Policy for KIOXIA Group

Understanding and complying with applicable laws and regulations, and internal rules

When using social media, we comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as our internal rules such as Standard of Conduct for KIOXIA Group. As members of society, we should communicate with our customers and social media users in a fair and equitable manner, and ensure that our words and actions conform with social common sense.

Attitude toward participation in social media

  • We listen carefully and pay close attention to the opinions of other social media users.
  • We understand that information posted on the internet is widely accessible to the general public, and once posted can never be completely deleted.
  • We act responsibly, and remember that statements made by individuals may affect KIOXIA Group’s reputation.

To social media users

For the list of KIOXIA Group’s official social media accounts, please refer to the link below. Please note that information such as comments, images, etc. posted by other social media accounts do not necessarily reflect KIOXIA Group’s official announcements and statements.

Please refer to our news releases for our official announcements and statements.