Messages to Stakeholders

Message from the President and CEO

Uplifting the world with “memory,” Kioxia Group continues to deliver value to society

Nobuo Hayasaka
President and CEO
Kioxia Holdings Corporation

Global issues such as climate change, finite natural resources, the spread of infectious diseases and various forms of social inequality are becoming more pressing. If we want to bequeath a sustainable world to future generations, we will need to find transformational solutions that address these and many other issues.

Advanced technologies are addressing some of these challenges today. Innovations in AI, IoT and Big Data are expected to play a key role as we move forward. Kioxia’s memory solutions will play an indispensable role in our efforts to build a sustainable future.

Our business environment is becoming increasingly challenging. Climate change, the effects of which are becoming more severe, as well the need to promote diversity and respect for human rights and respond to the geopolitical risks arising from escalating international tensions, have all acquired greater significance.

In the midst of these societal changes, Kioxia Group is treating sustainability as a critical area of focus within our business strategy. Throughout FY2022, we have been formulating key performance indicators we see as essential for addressing priority sustainability issues. These KPIs are being integrated into our mid-term management plan alongside our financial metrics and business plans.

In particular, to help address the urgent global challenge of realizing a decarbonized society, we set a new target in April 2023 of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our business activities and purchased energy usage by the year 2050. Furthermore, we are intensifying our efforts in areas such as human rights due diligence, demand for which has been growing within the business community, and human capital management. We see these initiatives as essential for the sustainability and development of our business.

Aligned with our mission to “uplift the world with ‘memory,’” I will lead our sustainability activities working with our partners to transform and enrich the lives of people everywhere and help build a more creative and inspiring world.

Message from the Executive Officer in Charge of Sustainability

We are boosting the sustainability of Kioxia Group operations in order to continue to be of value to society

Tomoharu Watanabe
Executive Officer in Charge of Sustainability
Executive Vice President
Kioxia Holdings Corporation

Kioxia Group provides semiconductor memory products that are essential for a wide range of electronic devices such as smartphones and servers that make life more convenient for people all over the world. Our technologies, innovations, and value-added products and services will continue to meet the constantly evolving needs of society and help ensure sustainability on a global scale.

There are, however, various challenges in society that need to be addressed, such as global warming and respect for human rights. In line with this, there is growing expectation and demand for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, as stipulated in the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations. Collaboration with organizations like the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), established by the Financial Stability Board and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), an alliance of companies promoting social responsibility in global supply chains, is also gaining prominence.

At Kioxia Group, we are actively pursuing sustainability initiatives in accordance with RBA guidelines, both within our own operations and throughout our supply chain. Recognizing climate change as a significant social issue, we joined the above-mentioned TCFD Consortium in June 2022. At our manufacturing facilities, we have been proactively installing equipment that limits the emission of PFCs and other gases. Furthermore, at our new manufacturing facilities, we have implemented highly efficient energy-saving production processes through the use of cutting-edge equipment and the introduction of AI and IoT technologies, aiming to reduce our environmental impact. Additionally, to promote the use of renewable energy, we introduced rooftop solar power generation systems at Kioxia Corporation’s Yokkaichi Plant in June 2023 and Kioxia Iwate Corporation’s Kitakami Plant in January 2023. These installations are among the largest class of their kind at any semiconductor plant in Japan.

We comply with all relevant laws, regulations and social norms, and will continue to aspire to be a Kioxia Group that is trusted by all our stakeholders, proactively undertaking sustainability initiatives to create value for society through “memory.”