Boldly into the future
with memory technology

Continuous evolution
for a sustainable world

Innovation that generates
a flow of new technology

A new era of memory is upon us

By evolving “memory,” we create uplifting experiences and change the world.

On October 1st 2019, we made a fresh start as KIOXIA Holdings Corporation.
As a global leader in flash memory and SSDs, KIOXIA is cultivating a new era of memory.

About KIOXIA Group

Introducing KIOXIA Holdings Corporation
company outline, history, group structure, etc.

KIOXIA Group's domestic and overseas locations and group companies

People from various backgrounds fulfill their potential and leverage their strengths at KIOXIA Group.
Please visit our group companies’ websites for more information.

The Social Value the Kioxia Group Creates with “Memory” Technology

By using memory technology, we expand the possibilities of our current and future products and services and work with our partners to create value for society.

Future Memories Uplifting the world with "memory"

Brand Website

Our brand website introducing people and activities that open up possibilities of "memory" for the future.