Respect for Human Rights

KIOXIA group upholds respects human rights as stipulated in our Standards of Conduct. We take up respect for human rights so that we can become an enterprise trusted by society, contribute to the formation of a sustainable society.

Policy Governing Respect for Human Rights

KIOXIA Group positions business activities respecting human rights as one of our most important issues and in August 2021 we formulated the KIOXIA Human Rights Policy following passage of a resolution by the Board of Directors.

KIOXIA Human Rights Policy

Guided by its mission of uplifting the world with memory, KIOXIA Group is committed to contributing to the development of industry and society with cutting-edge products such as flash memory and SSDs. With the growing interest in “corporate social responsibility,” we also recognize that corporate activities based on respect for human rights are a prerequisite for the sustainable development of companies and society.

KIOXIA Group considers human rights to be uninfringeable basic rights and we believe it is most important to realize a society where the human rights of all people are respected. The rapid changes in society, economic change, and advances in technology impact continuously on our business environment. We are always aware of the risk of infringing human rights directly or indirectly through our business activities. Therefore, in addition to observing applicable laws and social norms as a matter of course, we will fulfill our responsibilities with regard to respecting human rights as our moral duty and thereby create the values for our employees, stakeholders, and the society as a whole.

This policy is applied to all directors and employees (including part-time employees). And by means of the KIOXIA Group Procurement Policy, we also require our suppliers to observe applicable laws and social norms, as well as to respect KIOXIA Human Rights Policy.

<Respect for Human Rights>
KIOXIA Group observes human rights-related laws in the countries and regions in which we operate. In addition, we respect the International Bill of Human Rights (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenants on Human Rights), the ILO Core Labor Standards, the U.N.'s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. As an RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) member, we also act in accordance with the RBA Code of Conduct.

<Responsibility for Respecting Human Rights>
KIOXIA Group responds appropriately if we find that our business activities are having an adverse impact on human rights. In addition, we require our suppliers to implement improvement measures if we observe any negative impact on human rights arising from their activities.

KIOXIA Group has assigned our Executive Officer in charge of Human Resources as Human Rights Promotion Officer, responsible for implementing our human rights policy and ensuring these are followed.

KIOXIA Group educates its directors and employees (including part-time employees) about our human rights policy in order to ensure they respect human rights in all areas of business activity.

<Human Rights Due Diligence>
KIOXIA Group will work to identify and assess any risk or negative impact associated with the KIOXIA Group, and will then seek to prevent or lessen such risk or impact.

If KIOXIA Group establishes that we have directly or indirectly had a negative impact on human rights, we will take appropriate steps to address the situation. We will set an up an anonymous reporting facility and ensure there are no negative consequences for those who report such incidents or support our investigations.

KIOXIA Group will engage in dialogue with relevant stakeholders regarding its response to any potential or actual cases of human rights being infringed.

<Information disclosure>
KIOXIA Group provides details of our human rights policy initiatives on our website or by means of reports.

<Observation of Applicable Laws>
KIOXIA Group observes human rights-related laws in the countries and regions in which we operate. If there is any conflict between such local laws and internationally recognized human rights, we always endeavor to respect the latter.

(We formulated the KIOXIA Human Rights Policy following passage of a resolution by the Board of Directors of KIOXIA Holdings Corporation on 27 August 2021.)

Framework Governing Promotion of Respect for Human Rights

As part of the promotion framework, the Executive Officer in charge of personnel is stipulated as the person responsible for human rights enlightenment and we have appointed a staff member who is responsible for this within the Human Resources and General Affairs Department of KIOXIA Corporation. The staff member regularly attends internal and external lectures to ascertain the latest social trends.

Assessment and Monitoring of Human Rights Risks

KIOXIA Group has created a risk map based on ISO26000 guidance on social responsibility covering the company’s entire value chain aimed at identifying any human rights issues arising as a result of our business activities.
Moreover, in accordance with the RBA* Code of Conduct, we encourage our employees and suppliers through such means as CSR surveys and responsible mineral procurement guidelines to work together to promote respect for human rights.

The Kioxia Group Standards of Conduct ban the use of child labor and forced labor and in order to help prevent this, we rigorously confirm by means of family registers and other sources that all those employed are at least 15 years of age.

Furthermore, to ensure respect for the human rights of all people affected by our business activities, we will establish a system to identify and assess the scope of any negative impacts or risks related to human rights. We are planning improvement measures and are providing education (human rights due diligence) based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

  • RBA is a corporate alliance that promotes social responsibility within global supply chains.

Education and Awareness-Raising of the Need to Respect Human Rights

KIOXIA Group provides training on human rights and harassment issues to all employees once a year and as part of our staff onboarding process when hiring (for new graduates and mid-career hires) as part of our Basic Training and Development program.
Moreover, we request our suppliers to make every effort to respect human rights in accordance with the standards of the KIOXIA Group Supply Chain Code of Conduct and the RBA Code of Conduct.

Establishment of Whistleblower System and Consulting Service

Harassment consultation counter Whistleblowing System for Employees

KIOXIA Group has set up a “Harassment Hotline” to address any reports of harassment—including power harassment and sexual harassment—from employees and others, and to prevent this from occurring or protect them from it. We ensure whistleblowers are not treated in a disadvantageous manner as a result of them having submitted their allegations.

Business Partner Hotline

KIOXIA Group has established a Business Partner Hotline to assist our business partners, such as suppliers, to report to us any violations or suspected violations of laws and regulations, Kioxia Group Standards of Conduct, the KIOXIA Group Procurement Policy, business agreements, corporate ethics, and other applicable rules, standards and norms established by KIOXIA Group in connection with procurement and other business transactions, and to help KIOXIA Group rectify the situation.

We will investigate and confirm the facts and in principle notify the results of our investigation to the whistleblower. The personal details of the person who made the allegation will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Business Partner Hotline Secretariat without their consent. Moreover, we will ensure there is no unfair treatment of the whistleblower or their company arising from their allegation.