Environmental Evaluation by External Parties

Introducing KIOXIA's awards and evaluation by external parties.

Two Yokkaichi Plant Employees Awarded for Efforts to Promote Energy Conservation

In February 2021, two Yokkaichi Plant employees received an award from Japan’s Energy Conservation Center in recognition of their contribution to energy conservation. The two recipients played a significant role in the installation and operation of energy-saving equipment at the plant, made a number of other improvements, and conducted training sessions for younger employees.
Aiming to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, we will continue our company-wide efforts to promote energy conservation.

Award recipients

Disclosure of environmental data to CDP

KIOXIA applies for, and receives, certification from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the world's largest environmental information evaluation organization, every year.

CDP Climate Change

This evaluates the risks and opportunities posed to a company by climate change, and the concrete action it has taken. In FY2021, we were rated “B” in the category of “management” of these risks.

CDP Water Security

This evaluates a company's efforts in the area of water stewardship. In FY2021, we were rated B (management level).


CDP is an international not-for-profit organization established in 2000 to tackle environmental issues, including climate change and water risks. It collects information from major companies around the world using questionnaires on the subject of management risks that climate change and other environmental issues pose to companies, and it rates them on an 8-point scale from A to D− (A is the highest grade) based on the received responses. In 2021, it received responses from over 13,000 companies and provided information to over 600 institutional investors.