Biodiversity Preservation

KIOXIA Group is engaging in a range of biodiversity conservation activities in order to protect the rich ecosystems in the areas where we operate reduce that impact and to enhance our contribution to society.

Our involvement in the Owl Protection Project

In 2018 our Yokkaichi Operations signed a “Mie Biodiversity Partnership Agreement,” forming a partnership with Mie prefecture and the Yokkaichi-Nishi High School aimed at supporting the owl protection project being undertaken by the school’s Natural Study Group. Under this agreement, we provide equipment enabling owls to be observed in their natural habitat; this supports the group’s aim of passing on the region’s rich natural environment to future generations. 

As part of this activity, we have installed items such as solar power generation systems, cameras and solar panels, all designed by volunteer employees, to monitor the bird boxes set up by Yokkaichi-Nishi High School students in Mie prefecture’s Forest Park. Since 2019 this has enabled the successful observation of owls nesting, raising offspring, and the offspring leaving their nest, for four consecutive years. Discussions between representatives of Mie prefecture, Yokkaichi-Nishi High School and our Yokkaichi Plant regarding this activity were conducted and efforts made to further improve the observation environment.

In 2021, Kuwana High School in Mie prefecture also participated in this program, further expanding its scope of activities.

Solar battery panels powering the on-site equipment
Installing observation equipment inside and outside the bird boxes
Adjusting the observation equipment
Baby owls inside the bird box (May 2021)
A baby owl about to leave the bird box nest (May 2021)

Achievements and future plans


Main accomplishments and future plans


  • Concluded Mie Biodiversity Partnership Agreement
  • Decided observation equipment specifications
  • Yokkaichi Plant employees installed and adjusted observation equipment
  • Started promoting the project internally and outside of the company


  • Reviewing FY2018 activities and formulating action plan for FY2019
  • Boosted observation equipment (added solar panels and batteries, updated cameras and HDD recorder)


  • Reviewing FY2019 activities and formulating action plan for FY2020
  • Improved observation equipment (swapped out the HDD, switched power source inverter, dealt with communication irregularities by switching router)


  • Extended the agreement to cover further collaboration in the future (with the agreement to be automatically renewed annually from the following year)
  • Reviewing FY2020 activities and formulating action plan for FY2021
  • Made donations
  • Added Kuwana High School to the agreement

Planting flowers

Since 2017, Yokkaichi Plant has been conducting a FloWA*1 project whereby employees plant flowers around the site in order to increase environmental awareness among our workforce, and to create a more attractive and relaxing environment. During 2020 and 2021, these activities were carried out solely by staff from the project organizing team as a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.

  • *1 The ‘WA’ in FloWA incorporates numerous meanings derived from the Japanese character ‘wa,’ which can denote a circle of friends, sharing, harmony, or laughter.


Transplanting activities (June 2021)

Our participation in cherry blossom conservation activities

The city of Kitakami in Iwate prefecture is running a Sakura-mori Project, in which the entire community works to cultivate and maintain the cherry blossoms in Tenshochi Park*2 so that they can be passed down to and enjoyed by future generations. KIOXIA Iwate Corporation joined the project in 2021, and has been taking part in volunteer fertilization activities with local junior high school students, city officials, and other volunteers.

  • *2 Tenshochi Park celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021 and is famous for its cherry blossoms after being selected as one of the "100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan."
KIOXIA Iwate employees participating in fertilization activities