Environmental Communication

Kioxia Group is actively participating in environmental activities that contribute to society. In addition to raising employees’ awareness of the environment and their local community, we are also promoting the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) and implementing greening initiatives.

Kioxia Group will continue to promote environmental activities that contribute to society, by further improving employees’ environmental awareness and encouraging a sense of belonging among them.

Key Contributions to Society: Collection of Recyclable Materials

The below sections 1 to 9 provide examples of activities at Kioxia Corporation’s Yokkaichi Plant; section 10 covers activities at the Solid State Storage Technology Corporation (SSSTC) in Taiwan.

1. Collecting calendars and notebooks (2007-)

2. Collecting plastic bottle caps (2008-)

3. Collecting discarded postcards (2014-)

4. Collecting used postage stamps (2015-)

5. Collecting down products (2015-)

6. Collecting disposable contact lens cases (2016-)

7. Collecting aluminum cans (2016-)

8. Collecting old books (2018-)

9. Food drives (2021-)

10. E-waste Recycling (2021-)

Environmental Education for Local Communities

Kioxia Group has been providing environmental education as part of its efforts to realize a sustainable society and contribute to local communities.

Kioxia Corporation’s Yokkaichi Plant holds children's environmental study classes under the name of “Operation CO2 Reduction” at neighboring elementary schools and at “Yokkaichi Pollution and Environmental Museum for Future Awareness.” In FY2022, approximately 70 elementary school students participated and learned about the impact of global warming and the importance of energy conservation. They conducted experiments and discussed what they can do in their daily lives to help protect the environment.

We have also given lectures on the environment at Yokkaichi University for students and the general public. In 2022, about 30 people attended these lectures; we deepened their understanding of the local environment by explaining Sustainable Development Goals and introducing our activities to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We have also participated in local events such as the Yokkaichi City Environmental Fair, which provided an opportunity for people to think more deeply about the environment.

Children's environmental study class
Environmental lecture