Quality Control Policy

KIOXIA Corporation (hereinafter referred to as (KIC)) declares the following details as the quality policy for (KIC) products, and will make it known to all employees of (KIC) based upon the slogan of “Uplifting the world with ‘memory. ’” The purpose of this is to supply high-quality, safe and environmentally conscious products that meet customer requirements, through the constant pursuit of cutting-edge technology and service in accordance with the management philosophy of (KIC), which is to continue to develop leading-edge memory technology and services to enrich people's lives and expand the potential of society.


  1. We will comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements related to memory products, applied products, and related software products, and will supply products which meet the quality reliability that the customer requires.
  2. We will build in quality from the design and development stage to the mass production stage, and our employees will actively work on the securing of product safety, consideration for the environment, and the improvement of technology levels. 
  3. We will aim for substantial improvement by pursuing the true cause and will make continuous improvements to the quality management system.

Standards of Conduct During Quality Assurance

  1. We engage in quality assurance from the customers' point of view.
  2. We observe relevant laws and contracts and respect the rights of customers and third parties.
  3. We deploy quality control systems aimed at achieving 100% quality.
  4. We ensure that all of our departments and employees follow our quality control policies.
  5. We aim for constant improvement by investigating the root causes of process failures and conduct through risk analysis in order to prevent any re-occurrence.
  6. We collect, analyze and appropriately disclose information with the aim of preventing quality issues.

Standard of Conduct regarding Product Safety and Product Security

  1. We observe both Japanese and overseas laws and regulations governing product safety and product security.
  2. We collect, and proactively disclose, a wide range of information about any product issues.
  3. We immediately report any product issues to the authorities concerned in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  4. We promptly inform customers when the need to recall and repair products arises.
  5. We appropriately urge caution and display warnings when deemed necessary in order to help people use our products in a safe manner.
  6. If an accident should occur, we carry out a thorough analysis of the causes and take necessary measures to prevent it from recurring. We also strive to prevent accidents by predicting risk at the design stage.
  7. We strive to eliminate vulnerabilities from products prior to shipment.
  8. We collect a wide range of information on product vulnerabilities in order to reduce risk.
  9. We implement product security measures on a broad scale in cooperation with the relevant organizations.