Basic Policy for Safety and Health

Kioxia Corporation Basic Policy for Safety and Health

Under our mission of uplifting the world with “memory”, by evolving “memory”, the Company will create uplifting experiences and change the world. The Company will also provide products, services, and mechanisms for enabling each person to realize a new future with progressive memory technology at the core.

In its entire business activities, each and every worker* will continue to devote oneself to “building a safe and delightful workplace environment and promoting a healthy body and mind,” striving to enhance and improve occupational safety and health performance.

  1. The Company hereby declares that safety and health is the most important issue in its management. Under the leadership of Top Management, the Company will establish a safety and health management structure for the implementation of an effective occupational health and safety management system in accordance with management strategy, as well as decide on and provide the necessary resources to form a health and safety culture.
  2. The Company is committed to comply with laws and regulations and other requirements.
  3. To provide a safe and healthy workplace in an ongoing manner by controlling risks and opportunities related to occupational safety and health and preventing labor-related injuries and illnesses, the Company will perform the following matters by setting goals and creating action plans:
    (1) Identification and reduction of potential risks for new work processes (installation, tasks, introduction of materials, etc.)
    (2) Potential risks in associated work and actions performed between each work step (in accordance with the actual safety management situation at each site)
    (3) Re-evaluation of risk for risk level III or above and reduction of new potential risks
    (4) Identification and appropriate management of the potential risks of handling chemical substances
    (5) Continued promotion of effective and focused measures with respect to the risk of infectious diseases
    (6) Improvement of occupational safety and health awareness and evaluation of recognition, maintenance, and effectiveness of competence
  4. Strive to “cultivate a healthy culture” with the aim of practicing “health-focused operations”, identifying health issues, and promoting measures that improve the physical and mental health of employees and improve health literacy.
  5. In its entire business activities, the Company will appropriately consult workers and their representatives about safety and health initiatives, assisting them in participating in these initiatives.
  6. Valuing needs and expectations of stakeholders in mutual communication with them, the Company will contribute to the enhancement of the level of social safety and health management.

April 1, 2024
Nobuo Hayasaka
President and Chief Executive Officer
Kioxia Corporation

  • “each worker” includes all those, regardless of role, involved in all aspects of our business; this includes contract employees, subcontractors, suppliers and business partners.