Corporate Governance

Kioxia Group is reinforcing our governance processes in order to increase our corporate value.

Corporate Governance Policy and Structure (as of March 2023)

Kioxia Holdings Corporation is a company with Board of Statutory Auditors. We have developed a group governance structure in which the performance by directors of their duties is audited by our statutory auditors. We have appointed three statutory auditors.
The core of the Kioxia Group governance is our Board of Directors, consisting of six persons, including the President and CEO. Furthermore, to clarify the separation of the supervisory functions and executive functions of management, the latter is carried out by executive officers assigned by the Board of Directors and by departments that assist directors.
As Kioxia Holdings Corporation's Chief Executive Officer, the President and CEO is responsible to shareholders when making decisions on important company matters. The President and CEO also steers Kioxia Group's business by broadly and optimally managing the resources of Kioxia Holdings Corporation and its group companies and maximizing their synergies.

Kioxia Group's Corporate Governance Process & Responsibilities (as of March 2023)