Our Approach to Addressing Global Social Issues

Through the development, manufacturing and sale of memory and SSDs, the KIOXIA Group enables the creation of smaller, faster and higher capacity electronic devices which consume less power and are deeply embedded in people’s everyday lives. We also facilitate the operation of the data centers and data servers required to support our advanced information-oriented society.

Through the lens of our international business activities and with the support of our stakeholders, we spot emerging trends in the international community and create new value, and in so doing, contribute to the development of society.

Recognition of Global Social Issues

Global social issues that the KIOXIA Group recognizes

Sphere of activities

  • Increasing the capacity and speed while reducing the size and energy consumption of components used in smartphones, automated driving, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Finding solutions to the challenges posed by the enormous volumes of data circulating in advanced information-based societies.

KIOXIA Group's Business Activities

Development, manufacturing and sales of memory and related products.

Latest Human Capital Input and Financial Results

Latest Human Capital Input and Financial Results

KIOXIA Group’s Solutions

The Value We Create

Providing storage devices that meet the demand for increased capacity and speed while conserving space

  • Helping people live convenient and comfortable lives through the provision of resilient and inexpensive storage infrastructures.
  • Developing and promoting IoT- and AI-related technologies, thereby helping to improve productivity.

Reducing CO2 emissions by means of our business activities and energy-saving products.

  • Helping to realize a global environment less affected by climate change, where people can live safely and with peace of mind.

Our Efforts to Help Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was unanimously adopted at the United Nations headquarters in New York in September 2015. The agenda calls for no one to be left behind and stipulates 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) as important guidelines to help the international community realize sustainable development and the elimination of poverty by 2030.

In the KIOXIA group, we are working towards identifying how our companies' businesses are related to each of the 169 targets set for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and are considering ways of contributing to the achievement of these.

In fiscal 2018, we held CSR lectures and internal planning conferences focusing on the SDGs. Going forward, we will continue to work on measures to help achieve these.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

[Example Activity: Holding CSR Lectures for Management]

We invited external experts to deliver CSR lectures for our management to deepen their understanding of the latest CSR topics so that they may incorporate that understanding in their management activities.

Lectures were given by Ms. Ibuki of the Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. on the theme "Sustainability-Based Management Towards Sustainable Growth" in October and by Ms. Mari Yoshitaka of Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. on the theme "Risks and Opportunities of ESG Investments" in February, and there was also an opportunity for participants to exchange opinions.

CSR Lectures for KIOXIA Managers

CSR Lectures for KIOXIA Managers

[Example Activity: Implementing Internal Planning Conferences for the SDGs]

Between January and March 2019, three internal planning conferences were held, with the participation of members of the Technological Planning Division, the Environmental Division and the CSR Division, to consider how our company's business activities and the achievement of the SDG targets are linked. The main opinions of the participants were as follows:

  • Flash memory is used in familiar devices such as smartphones and PCs, but also in data servers and data centers that form the foundation of our information infrastructure, and it is thus indispensable to our current lifestyle.
  • Since SSDs equipped with flash memory consume less power than hard disks of the same capacity, swapping out all of the world's hard disks to SSDs would help to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, both now and in the future.
  • Our company's business activities, products and services have the potential to help achieve a number of the SDGs; however, Goal 9 ("Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure"), Goal 11 ("Sustainable Cities and Communities"), and Goal 12 ("Responsible Consumption and Production") are especially relevant.
  • With the increased sophistication of networks and with further innovation to come, the amount of data produced, stored and utilized by society is expected to increase tremendously. Given this, our company's business activities, products and services, which include cutting-edge technologies, will be required to fulfill important roles in society more than ever before, and they represent an opportunity for us to contribute to addressing many of society's challenges.