CSR Material Issues and Goals

KIOXIA Group is committed to communicating with integrity and transparency, reporting CSR issues that it considers material.

Our CSR Material Issues

KIOXIA Group is working on the following four CSR material issues.

Four CSR Material Issues

Respect for Human Rights Observe universal principles on human rights and promote fair and sound business activities
Diversity Promotion Show respect for diversity and work-life balance, and create a work environment in which individuals can maximize their capabilities
CSR Management in the Supply Chain Promote human rights, labor, safety, environmental and other initiatives in cooperation with suppliers
Environmental Management Promote environmental management allowing people to lead fulfilling lifestyles in harmony with the Earth

Process to identify CSR Material Issues

In FY2017, on the basis of self-assessment in regard to the 345 items stated in ISO 26000, assessment by a third-party institution, and communication with stakeholders, KIOXIA Group identified and mapped 37 core subjects, with the vertical axis representing the degree of interest of stakeholders and the horizontal axis representing the importance to our business, in the order of high, medium and low priority. Then, based on the results of this analysis, we identified high priority items in both axes and selected these as our CSR material issues.

Results of Mapping of Core Subjects (37 Items)

Results of Mapping of Core Subjects (37 Items)

Respect for Human Rights
Setting up a System of Human Rights Due Diligence

We observe universal principles on human rights and promote fair and sound business activities.
In FY2019, we reviewed our rules and disciplinary measures governing domestic employment in preparation for Japan's new anti-harassment law, which came into force in June 2020. In FY2020, we will collect information that will help us formulate our human rights policies and create a human rights due diligence process, and enhance the harassment consultation service and related processes in our group companies.

Midterm Plan for Realizing Corporate and Social Value

Item Content
Midterm Plan (FY2022) Set up and launch a system of human rights due diligence, etc.
Value to Realize Realize a better working environment for all employees of KIOXIA Group

Diversity Promotion
Promoting the Career Development of Female Employees

We value diverse individualities and work-life balance and are working to create a work environment in which individuals can maximize their capabilities. Promoting the career development of female employees, in particular, is becoming an important focus of Japanese government policy.
In FY2019, we launched our Diversity Promotion Committee and commenced discussion of measures to promote the career development of female employees. In FY2020, we will continue to work on these and on creating a work environment in which everyone, regardless of nationality or any disability, can work at ease.

Midterm Plan and Value to Realize

Item Content
Midterm Plan (FY2022) Considering and implementing measures that contribute to improving the ratio of female in new employee recruitment, the retention percentage of female employees and improving the ratio of employees with disabilities, etc.
Value to Realize Realizing a workplace with gender equality where people with diverse talents can demonstrate their expertise.

CSR Management in the Supply Chain
Promoting Supplier Management in Accordance with RBA Code of Conduct

In order to promote CSR in the field of human rights, labor practices, occupational health & safety, the environment and supply chain ethics, KIOXIA Group undertakes activities that are in keeping with the principles of the RBA Code of Conduct, that is promoting CSR activities inside own group and requesting suppliers to adopt a similar approach as well.
In FY2019, we promoted supplier assessment based on the Responsible Business Alliance methodology in order to improve compliance across our procurement chain, and we also added CSR-related items as criteria for supplier evaluation. In FY2020, we will further improve compliance and enhance both internal and external training.

Midterm Plan and Value to Realize

Item Content
Midterm Plan (FY2022) Further deepen the management of suppliers based on the RBA methdology
Value to Realize Improve the working environment for all employees working in our supply chains

Environmental Management
Mitigation of climate change

As highlighted by the UN’s Paris Agreement which aims to restrict the increase in average global temperatures to within 2 degrees Celsius, society’s awareness of climate change is growing, as are expectations and demands made of companies in this regard. KIOXIA Group is positioning our efforts to protect the environment as one of our most important drivers; in particular we intend to promote activities that align with international frameworks related to climate change.
In FY2019, we responded to a survey by the Carbon Disclosure Project, an environmental standards evaluation organization, and were rated “B” in the Climate Change and Water Security categories. In FY2020, we will work to further improve our CDP scores, set  long-term goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that comply with the SBT initiative*, and prepare for TCFD declaration.

Midterm Plan and Value to Realize

Item Content
Midterm Plan (FY2022) Setting goals for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that comply with SBT* initiatives, TCFD declaration, etc.
Value to Realize Contributing to the achievement of the 2° Celsius target defined by the Paris Agreement. Realizing a global environment where people around the world can live safely and with peace of mind.

*Science-Based Targets; an initiative which encourages businesses to set greenhouse-gas emissions targets consistent with scientific knowledge which align with the goal of keeping global temperature increases due to climate change to within 2° Celsius of pre-industrial levels.

*Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures; an initiative of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to develop consistent climate-related financial risk & opportunity disclosures.


KIOXIA Group will continuously disclose CSR information and respond to the requests and concerns of stakeholders.

KIOXIA Group will continue to develop a sustainable society by contributing to the SDGs through its business.