CSR Management

KIOXIA Group manages its CSR activities “By evolving “memory,” we create uplifting experiences and change the world” as defined in our corporate mission. Through communication and collaboration with a range of stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees and their families, we aspire to gain an understanding of issues that affect them and build relationships with them founded on trust.

Definition of CSR

KIOXIA Group has defined CSR in a way that provides every employee and executive officer with a common understanding of it. Our definition is:

Continuing to develop in tandem with the local communities we serve while enriching the lives of people in those communities through our business activities, and fulfilling our responsibilities as a member of those communities

Organization of CSR Management

In order to ensure that CSR management is integrated with our day-to-day corporate management, KIOXIA Group established a team responsible for CSR within the Business Planning Division of KIOXIA Holdings Corporation. In November of the same year, we appointed CSR managers and CSR promotional staff within each department closely aligned with CSR management. The CSR Promotion Committee comprising these members meets monthly to deliberate and determine CSR-related measures and ways to promote them. The Committee reports its decisions to the Board of Directors through the Executive Officer in charge of CSR as necessary, and communicates them to each business site and across all the group companies to ensure implementation of the measures.

CSR Management Structure

CSR Management Structure