Respect for Human Rights

KIOXIA Group has established Standards of Conduct incorporating a set of values that should be shared by all employees in order to achieve our Basic Commitment and Vision. In accordance with one of the Behaviors—Act with Integrity, Transparently—we commit to respecting human rights.

Policy Governing Respect for Human Rights

KIOXIA Group positions business activities respecting human rights as one of our most important issues and in August 2021 we formulated the KIOXIA Human Rights Policy following passage of a resolution by the Board of Directors.

Framework Governing Promotion of Respect for Human Rights

As part of the promotion framework, the Executive Officer in charge of personnel is stipulated as the person responsible for human rights enlightenment and we have appointed a staff member who is responsible for this within the Human Resources and General Affairs Department of KIOXIA Corporation. The staff member regularly attends internal and external lectures to ascertain the latest social trends.

Identification of Human Rights Risks

KIOXIA Group creates a risk map based on ISO26000 covering the company’s entire value chain in order to identify any human rights issues across all of our business activities.

We are also enhancing our efforts to monitor the implementation of human rights initiatives, and we will perform CSR surveys targeting both KIOXIA Group companies and our suppliers, and surveys of conflict minerals (minerals sourced from conflict zones, trade in which may perpetuate the fighting).

Education and Awareness-Raising of the Need to Respect Human Rights

We provide training on human rights issues to all employees once a year and as part of our staff onboarding process when hiring (for new and career recruits) as part of Basic Training and Development.

Moreover, we plan to incorporate case studies on harassment during management follow-up training from FY2021 onward.

Establishment of Whistleblower System and Consulting Service

Whistleblower System “Risk Hotline” for Employees

KIOXIA Group has established a whistleblower system – the “Risk Hotline” – to collect internal information via email and telephone on alleged violations of KIOXIA Group Standards of Conduct, particularly those concerning laws and regulations, and to deal with any wrongdoing. Under this system, an employee can report an incident and seek advice. Employees are protected from retaliation and steps are taken to ensure they are not treated disadvantageously for having provided such information.

Business Partner Hotline

KIOXIA has established the Business Partner Hotline to assist our business partners, such as suppliers, to report us any violations (non-compliance) or suspected violations of laws and regulations, Standards of Conduct for the Kioxia Group, the Kioxia Group's procurement policies, business agreements, corporate ethics, and other applicable rules, standards and norms by Kioxia in connection with procurement and other business transactions and to help Kioxia rectify the situation.

We will confirm the facts and make an investigation, and principally notify the results to whistleblower. Whistleblower’s personal details of the person who made the report will not be disclosed to others outside the Business Partner Hotline Secretariat without their consent. Moreover, we will not make any unfair treatment of whistleblower or whistleblower’s company as a result of making a report.


Introducing the sustainability activities of the KIOXIA Group which contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

KIOXIA Group will continue to develop a sustainable society by contributing to the SDGs through its business.