Fair Evaluation and Talent Development

KIOXIA Group is working to encourage diverse employees to exercise their respective capabilities; we have established fair evaluation systems, seeking to develop and deploy our human resources to their fullest extent.

Policy on Fair Evaluation and Talent Development

For KIOXIA Group to thrive in the face of global competition, we need energetic, creative people. We will strengthen our training systems to develop talent so that each of our employees can exercise his or her abilities to the fullest.

Training System for Talent Development

Training Programs

KIOXIA Group has various training systems that help create a common ground of understanding among employees, and programs based on the requirements of each career level.

Main Training Programs

Training Category Outline
Basic Training and Development A program that is designed to familiarize employees with the actions and values that form the shared basis for all members of the KIOXIA Group, such as compliance and CSR education.
Global Training and Development  A program that seeks to develop globally-minded people who can not only perform their jobs within the scope of their countries or regions, but at a global level, by accepting cross-cultural differences and communicating with a wide range of stakeholders. The program also aims to teach the skills that allow people to succeed globally.
Training and Development based on Levels of Responsibility A program that seeks to improve the basic knowledge, skills, and management capabilities required for employees assigned to new positions (leader, manager, etc.). This program also includes training aimed at continuously improving the leadership capabilities of managers, as well as education aimed at imparting at an early stage the knowledge and skills required to conduct global business.
Job-specific Training and Development Aims to equip employees, based on their career stages, with the knowledge and skills required for different job functions.
Managerial Training Training program for the select group of individuals who are candidates to take up managerial/leadership positions.

Using Fully-Fledged Career Development Systems

KIOXIA Group supports the career development of each employee in an effort to maximize his or her current and future job performance. The Career Design System, for example, provides each employee with an annual opportunity to discuss and share their views on their own long-term career development as well as on mid-term skill acquisition goals, improvement of these, and ways to showcase such skills with their superiors. The Performance Management System gives each employee a semi-annual opportunity to review and discuss with their superiors their job performance over the previous six months as well as their job objectives for the following six months.

Employee Engagement Survey

KIOXIA Group has conducts an Employees Engagement Survey regularly for the purpose of soliciting the opinions of employees. By means of this survey, we periodically monitor the level of employee awareness of various measures and how far these have propagated into the organization. Where issues are identified, we seek to resolve them, leveraging the results of the survey to improve the corporate culture.

In FY2018, we conducted an anonymous survey targeting about 10,000 employees, and received responses from approximately 93% of them.

Employee engagement survey execution cycle (annual)

Employee engagement survey execution cycle (annual)

Introducing the CSR activities of the KIOXIA Group which contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

KIOXIA Group will continue to develop a sustainable society by contributing to the SDGs through its business.