Occupational Health and Safety

It is vital for each and every employee to maintain and strengthen his or her mental and physical health in order to shine and flourish professionally. This in turn is only possible in a safe and comfortable work environment. KIOXIA Group in Japan therefore supports employees' occupational health and safety (OHS)*.

*In this section, "occupational health and safety" is abbreviated to "OHS"

OHS Policy

KIOXIA Group’s OHS Management Policy in Japan was established in April 2017 following the declaration of its commitment to OHS by senior management, with the goal of having all employees embrace the same commitment.

KIOXIA Group in  Japan OHS Policy

KIOXIA Group in Japan OHS Policy

Promotion of OHS

KIOXIA Group in Japan places health and safety supervisors within the Human Resources and Administration Division of each group company to support OHS activities among employees.

KIOXIA Group in Japan OHS Management Structure (as of April 2020)

KIOXIA Group in Japan OHS Management Structure (as of April 2020)

OHS Management System

KOIXIA Group in Japan has acquired OHSAS18001:2007* certification, an international standard for labor safety and health management systems, as part of its OHS management system. This high-profile system enables us to identify and assess OHS issues and make continuous improvements in order to reduce the risk of non-compliance with relevant legislation.

Prior to the introduction of this system, KIOXIA Group was already striving to our improve safety management procedures through the consistent efforts of our member organizations and individual employees in their daily activities.

These efforts include small workplace groups undertaking a variety of activities on an ongoing basis. These activities include workplace improvement programs, education and training to increase risk awareness among employees and monitoring to ensure that appropriate practices are being followed.

KIOXIA Group will further improve our safety management processes through a combination of initiatives based on employee networks and the OHSAS 18001-based management system.

*OHSAS 18001: OHS Assessment Series

Acquisition of OHSAS18001:2007 certification

Name of company Certified body Approval certificate No.
Kioxia Corporation JACO: Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality WC18J0004

OHS Awareness Raising and Education

OHS Education

KIOXIA Group in Japan endeavors to enhance our employees' OHS understanding and skills. On top of the education required by the Industrial Safety and Health Act, we implement education programs for employees who are newly appointed to OHS-related posts, as well as for mid-career OHS employees. We also run practical training programs devised by each operational site.

Workplace Accidents

KIOXIA Group in Japan will continue to implement further measures to prevent workplace accidents. In particular, we will prioritize the reduction of hazardous risks that could lead to serious injuries or illness and conduct a risk assessment of all workplaces and tasks. Leveraging the results of this risk assessment, we will identify current and potential risks, review work methods, and systematically take any necessary measures to reduce and eliminate such risks. Furthermore, the Group will improve facilities and provide comprehensive OHS training for all employees.

Frequency of Injuries Resulting in Lost Working Time at KIOXIA Group in Japan
FY2019: 0.072

Introducing the sustainability activities of the KIOXIA Group which contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

KIOXIA Group will continue to develop a sustainable society by contributing to the SDGs through its business.