Kioxia Group’s Environmental Policy


So we can pass this irreplaceable earth environment onto future generations, Kioxia Group will pursue the creation of new value and the maintenance and enhancement of the environment through business, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.


Kioxia Group consider environmental stewardship to be one of its primary responsibilities. It complies with the requirements of environmental laws and regulations and is engaged in the prevention of pollution, the mitigation of its environmental footprint through the provision of memory products, applied products, and related software products that support information infrastructure and throughout its entire value chain, and the systematic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing, in line with international frameworks. It continues to improve its environmental management systems through audits and reviews of its activities and promotes the effective implementation of those systems.


  1. We will strive to reduce society’s impact on the environment by providing society with memory products, applied products, and related software products through product development based on high-capacity, small-size, and power-saving technologies, environmental assessment of our products, the proper control of raw materials and the reduction of material usage.
  2. We will promote the prevention of global warming through initiatives for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, including the development of energy-saving technologies, productivity improvements, energy-saving measures for power systems and manufacturing machinery, and consideration of the introduction of clean energies.
  3. We will actively pursue efforts to promote 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) to contribute to the development of a circular economy, including productivity improvements and the development of resource-saving technologies. In terms of effective water management, we will be cautious in our use of the abundant water resources in the vicinity of our plant sites and return that water to the environment after effective purification treatment.
  4. We will mitigate environmental risks through the appropriate control of the chemicals we use, the development of technologies to reduce the use of certain chemicals, efforts to reduce the total quantities of chemicals handled and their release into the environment, and initiatives for the prevention of pollution.
  5. To preserve biodiversity, we will strive to reduce the impact of our business activities on biodiversity and pursue activities to contribute to society.
  6. We will facilitate mutual understanding with stakeholders by disclosing environmental information such as the energy-saving technologies of our memory products, applied products, and related software products, through environmental advertising, exhibitions, and the media, and by collaborating with local communities and society at large.
  7. We will raise awareness about environment issues among the employees of the organization and all employees will engage in business activities in ways that are considerate of the environment.

This Environmental Policy will be disclosed within the company and to the public and circulated to all employees working in the Kioxia Group organization. We will pursue corporate activities that are in line with this policy.

February 1st, 2020
Nobuo Hayasaka
Chief Environmental Officer
Kioxia Holdings Corporation