Environmental Evaluation by External Parties

Introducing KIOXIA Corporation's awards and evaluation by external parties.

Results of disclosing environmental information to CDP (FY2020)

In FY2020, KIOXIA submitted formal declarations to CDP, the world's largest environmental information evaluation organization, following similar declarations submitted the previous year. Our responses were evaluated as follows:

  • CDP Climate Change: This evaluates a company's risks, opportunities, and responses regarding climate change. In FY2020, we were rated B (management level).
  • CDP Water Security: This evaluates a company's efforts on water stewardship. In FY2020, we were rated B (management level).


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About CDP: CDP is an international not-for-profit organization established in 2000 to tackle environmental issues, including climate change and water risks. It collects information from major companies around the world using questionnaires on the subject of management risks that climate change and other environmental issues pose to companies, and it rates them on an 8-point scale from A to D− (A is the highest grade) based on the received responses. In 2020, it received responses from over 9,600 companies and provided information to over 500 institutional investors.

Yokkaichi Plant receives Minister of the Environment Award (FY2020)

KIOXIA's Yokkaichi Plant receives "Climate Change Action: Minister of the Environment Award (Mitigation field in the Dissemination/Promotion category)" in November 2020.  This award constitutes part of the promotion of measures tackling climate change issues, and recognizes individuals or groups who have made remarkable contributions towards the prevention of global warming. Our cross-departmental energy-saving activities at our Yokkaichi Plant were recognized, as were our activities to address climate change in close collaboration with the neighboring community. 

We organized an energy-saving promotion committee headed by the factory general manager; each subcommittee across the plant has set targets and implemented energy saving measures each year. The amount of energy saved across the plant in FY2019 was equivalent to 20,000 tons of CO₂ emissions.In addition, we focused on PFC gases, which are a significant contributor to the greenhouse effect, and have installed 100% of abatement tools. We succeeded in reducing the emissions of these gases by at least 90%.

In addition, we have carried out awareness-raising activities such as long-term environmental education for children at neighboring elementary schools, displaying posters encouraging energy-saving within all of our factory premises, and arranging a charity eco bazaar.

In the future, we will continue to promote energy-saving initiatives and carry out community-based environmental preservation activities.

Received the “Yokkaichi City Environmental Activity Award” (FY2019)

In December 2019, KIOXIA Yokkaichi Plant received the "Yokkaichi City Environmental Activity Award" from Yokkaichi City, which established this award in 2015 to raise awareness of the need for environmental conservation. Yokkaichi Plant was commended for making joint efforts with the local community and government.

Since 2006, Yokkaichi Plant has been holding on-demand environmental lectures in a few local schools. The aim is to raise awareness of global warming and other environmental problems by discussing and presenting energy-saving activities that people can carry out at home. The cumulative total number of attendees now exceeds 3,000.

Since 2007, Yokkaichi Plant has been collecting and selling resources, including calendars, notebooks, PET bottle caps, and empty contact lens cases. It donates the profits to administrative or nonprofit organizations (NPOs).

In 2017, Yokkaichi Plant signed the Mie Biodiversity Partnership Agreement with Yokkaichi-Nishi High School and Mie Prefecture in order to help Yokkaichi-Nishi High School with their owl protection activities by, for example, providing and installing equipment to observe owls.

Going forward, KIOXIA will continue to carry out community-based environmental preservation activities.

Received the “Yokkaichi City Environmental Activity Award” (FY2019)

Received the "Award for Distinguished Service" from Re-Lifestyle (NPO) (FY2018)

KIOXIA Yokkaichi Plant received the "Award for Distinguished Service" from Re-Lifestyle, a non-profit organization engaging in the PET-bottle cap collection business, in May 2018.

The collection of 500 PET bottle caps allows one person to receive a polio vaccine. At the Yokkaichi Plant, they have collected and donated over one million PET bottle caps.

Toshiba Environmental Solutions Corporation cooperates by collecting PET bottle caps at our Yokkaichi Operations, and Toshiba Logistics Corporation contributes by delivering the caps to Re-Lifestyle, which is located in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Everyone at Yokkaichi Plant will continue these activities into the future, with the aim of contributing to the growth of healthy children around the world.

Received the "Award for Distinguished Service" from Re-Lifestyle (NPO) (FY2018)

Introducing the sustainability activities of the KIOXIA Group which contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

KIOXIA Group will continue to develop a sustainable society by contributing to the SDGs through its business.